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Tiger Hunting with Gregg Allman Last Night


Daniel Thomas Moran

I don’t hunt, and

I don’t know Gregg Allman.

But, in the dream,

I was hunting

with Gregg Allman.

We had

to climb to the top

of a big mountain.

We were hunting

for tigers.

We had no guns.

Gregg only had a

big nasty-looking knife.

Our guide,

who had no face,

Instructed us

to lie on the ground,

back to back.

He said to stay still,

the tigers would come.

They did,

about half a dozen,

And they all

laid down beside me,

and the guide with no face,

and Gregg Allman.

We made like we

were asleep.

Gregg Allman was ready

with the nasty knife.

Then the guide

with no face shouted,


He said that

Gregg Allman should

stab the closest tiger, right

in the jugular.

So he did.

The Tiger was not happy.

He reeled around and

he staggered around,

bleeding out of his neck

until he was dead.

The other tigers had run off.

Then, we all went

into a little house.

Maybe the little house of

the guide with no face.

He never said.

We took off our shoes,

and sat for a nice

cup of tea.

I could not help but

notice, that Gregg Allman

had apparently also

stabbed something that

looked like a beaver,

which was lying there,

in a heap, with a

hole in its neck,

dead as a doornail

on the little house floor.

I took a sip of tea,

and I wondered,

Where the hell was I

when that happened?

Quiz question:

Who is Gregg Allman?

The Bishop of Singapore

The Bishop of Singapore

United Staes Senator from Guam

United Staes Senator from Guam

My Podiatrist

My Podiatrist

The leader of a legendary rock band

The leader of a legendary rock band

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Issue 21


September 22, 2017

Daniel Thomas Moran is the author of ten collections of poetry, the most recent of which, “A Shed for Wood” was published by Salmon Poetry in Ireland in 2014. He is the former poet laureate of Suffolk County, New York, the birthplace of Walt Whitman. He has had more than three hundred poems published in some fifteen different countries. He retired as Clinical Assistant Professor from Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine in 2013 where, in 2011, he delivered the Commencement Address. He lives in Webster, New Hampshire with his wife Karen.

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Issue 21

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