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The literature box of the internet was designed and founded by Jaron Saturnino. He doesn't really have a background in literature. Feel free to email him at if you need anything related to the journal.

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"I like that we don’t do the things we don’t do. I like our plans on waking, when morning slinks onto our bed like a cat of light, plans we never realize because we get up late from imagining them so long."
- The Things We Don't Do, Andrés Neuman

July 3rd, 2017. 3.1: 
- Issues are now monthly instead of biweekly.

Dec 16, 2016. v3.0:
- Issues are now biweekly instead of weekly.

October 10th, 2016. v2.0:
- Homepage no longer looks like an undergraduate web design project
- Removed audio of a cat purring when headphone jack is plugged in
- Double-checked typography for keming problems
- Edited logo to correctly spell
- Added masthead with my name on it so I can cheer up when I google myself

October 4th, 2016. v1.1:
- Minor bug fixes.
- "T"s no longer show up as crucifixes
- Nose, he picks his
- More typography in the mixes
- Changed the litter box

September 27th, 2016. v1.0:
- Added white arrow .gif to guide new users towards the correct direction
- Fixed issue where the same 3 people were submitting all of the writing
- Load speed now faster than any other literary journal in existence
- Added color
- Added bonus prize at the end of the issue
- Fixed issue where donations went directly to the Republican nominee
- Removed styling that fooled readers into believing they had free will
- Added illustrations (Thanks Stephanie!)
- Changed the litter box

September 21st, 2016. v0.2:
- Minor bug fixes
- Poetry now has 25% reduced drag
- Added natural male enhancement
- Added issue navigation system to accommodate more than one issue
- Prevented deadly CATastrophe