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Lady Wulviva


Glen Armstrong

And she washed her clothes.

And she wanted a child.

And she completed the article

on “dry land”

as figurative language.

And she washed her figure.

And she raised her figurative child

as if her child were a middle finger.

There were horses to ride

and horses to study

and horses to use as models

for thought and motifs in

the decorative arts,

for that which most likely never


And she and her sister separated

the figurines into two piles:

One to be gilded.

And one to be gelded.

One to be gilded.

And one to be gelded.

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Issue 21


September 22, 2017

Glen Armstrong edits a poetry journal called Cruel Garters and has three recent chapbooks: Set List (Bitchin Kitsch,) In Stone and The Most Awkward Silence of All (both Cruel Garters Press.)

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Issue 21

This writing was originally published in Opium Magazine, and is not listed in the archives.
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