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Karen Wolf

She hides in her colored pencil box,

shading her loneliness in protective lavender.

Once fully obscured, she emerges ready to treat her ears

to nature sounds along the river’s edge.

Brisk current cascades over flat boulders,

mimicking the occasional splashes of fish jumps.

Gulls cry out, announcing their successes at finding food.

A rarely seen otter takes a shoreline swim,

making almost imperceptible ripples.

Her quiet gazing allows a chipmunk to sit just inches away,

washing his paws and face, post meal.

As a couple holding hands walks by,

she tries to clutch her protective lavender.

It begins to fade, so she hurries home to

her colors and the comforting purr of her cat.

Quiz question:

Which color do you hide in?

A bold blue

A bold blue

A quiet beige

A quiet beige

A light green

A light green

A protective lavender

A protective lavender

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Issue 9


September 22, 2017

Escape was written by Karen Wolf, who has retired from a 30 year teaching career and is semi-retired from her own pet sitting company. She has been published in Smokey Blue Literary and Art Magazine, Dime Store Review, Tree House An Exhibition of the Arts, The Wagon Magazine (an international publication), Oasis Journal, and Artificium: The Journal, and Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.  She also received the E.E. Cummings Free Verse award and the Creative Challenge Award from PRIZM Art-A-Fair 2016.

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Issue 9

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