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3. A four option multiple choice question from your writing is a literary journal and curated magazine of great writing on the internet, and we want you to be a part of it. Medium is no matter. We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, non-poetry, to-do lists, text messages, Facebook statuses, Tumblr reblogs, reddit comments, forum signatures, and any other form that 🔥 writing exists in.

There is a huge preference for writing within 200 - 2000 words.

All rights are retained by the authors for their writing. Already published material is allowed to be submitted. Authors retain the ability to have their writing unpublished at request. Your writing may be used in promotional material or web experiments for Your writing will not be used to create a neural network to emulate your style of writing.

You may submit as many pieces as you like, provided that each work is submitted in its own email. Previously published and simultaneous submissions are allowed -- just let us know if someone else snatches up your piece before we do. We're a biweekly journal, so our turnaround time is generally under one month. If you haven't heard back from us by then, feel free to direct any queries about your submission status to

Please visit our suggest writing page if you know of a piece of writing that you would like to see republished in our journal.